Tiger Foot? What’s a Tiger Foot?

Wonder what the Tiger Foot is and how it’s used? Wonder no more with these pictures sent in from very satisfied customer Rob Wyness. And I quote: I am extremely happy with my new Tiger Foot!!!!! It felt like an accident waiting to happen without the Tiger Foot. Where do I put a hot torch?

Are you ready for camping season?

Tired of trying to light that campfire full of damp wood with a trusty Bic or the BBQ lighter that always goes out? How about picking up a little 445 model Tiger Torch with a 10ft hose and POL that you can quickly attach to a propane tank and get that fire going in a […]

Shou Sugi Ban Anybody?

If you think that might be some kind of sushi dish, it’s not. It means “charred cedar board” and Tim Hagen is using a Tiger Torch and some of his own ingenuity to burn/preserve boards for cedar siding. Check out his conveyor belt/burner set up and see what the finished product looks like.

Color Scheme to Identify the Different Models